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 Super Mocha Cafe! (ICC)

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Erie, Man of Danger
Erie, Man of Danger

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PostSubject: Super Mocha Cafe! (ICC)   Sun May 25, 2014 12:30 am

...Meanwhile, at the Super Mocha Cafe!
A'gah cleaned his glass as he just finished up cleaning and prepping the cafe up for the morning rush. It was one of the few times in a day the cafe was empty, like the calm before the storm. Soon hero's would be pouring in, desperate for some liquid pick me up. The cafe never really closed, which suited A'gah just fine, he never really slept. A'gah never needed to, but he was always fascinated by the human concept of sleep. Back when he to roamed the streets, it was one of the few things he took time to study and research in. The other was coffee.
A'gah loved the earth drink. He loved it in all forms, so it was only natural that he opened a cafe when he put away his cape, he could drink coffee all day! Joking aside, he coffee had became his passion, and he pride himself in making the best darn cup of joe anywhere, an opinion a lot of heroes around the world seemed to agree with. While he did love his coffee, it wasn't the primary reason why he opened his cafe, the fact that it was only open to supers, was to still somehow, in his own way, still help his little planet he called home, without interfering to much. Here, he was able to provide that little pick me up that some heroes desperately needed, that little word of advice that helped clear the doubts and invigorate them for the day.
His yellow tinted skin made it clear that he wasn't human, nor from the planet, though the rest of his features seemed human enough. He lacked any sort of hair on his body, which wasn't uncommon among his people. Despite his lack of now extra-curricular activities, he was still well built for his age, mostly due to his  peoples advancements in sciences, their bodies need not age or decay, he could have literally binged on anything he wanted and still remained the way he was, though he would most likely sicken himself. He also wore clothes, though one could tell he landed in the sixties as he wore a pinstriped white and red collared shirt with a bowtie of the same color scheme and outdated pants, human fashion really escaped him though he was trying his best due to the advice from Alice. He also had on his bright red apron that had the cafe symbol on it, a cup with a cape on it, again, Alice's idea, but people seemed to like the addition.
As he put away his mop, he made one last sweep of the establishment. The cafe itself was in a pseudo-pocket reality, of his own design, couldn't have random people just walking in, or somebody deciding that a building full of supers was too good not to try to blow-up. What one of benefits of the decision was A'gah didn't have to worry about space, the cafe was enormous, and when it got to busy, he had VI to do help with the load. The place was like a large family restaurant in size normally, with a roof that simulated a sunny day outside, it was brightly colored with and had wood floors and comfy booths and chairs. It had windows that had were tinted so that you couldn't see the nothing behind them and gave the impression of the sun outside. A'gah also had recently made a couple of shaded booths for the supers that found darker booths more comfortable and curtains. It had an extra floor below for busier times and a basement where he had all his machinery for the place stored.
While one of the problems of having such a place was how to get there, A'gah though he had found a rather elegant solution. Those that new about the cafe were given business cards. Anywhere holding the business card out and opening any door would find themselves in the cafe, and it was a simple matter of doing the same on the way out, depositing them where they came.
He had several clocks, labeled for each time zone, the one for the East Coast was nearing 6:00 a.m., when the door burst open, and a person rushed, hurrying as she put on an apron. "Sorry I'm late A'gah!" She shouted as she made her way to the center piece of the joint, the bar. Behind the bar, several machines steamed and bubbled as she ran over to check them all.
"It's alright Alice. As long as you don't make it a habit, I'm not going to fire my only employee over it."
The 16-year old girl beamed with a smile as she placed a hat over her light brown short hair. "Ya, what would you do without me to smack the smart -alecks that mouth off to ya." She finished her sentance with a smirk. "Anyway, my sister managed to break my alarm clock. I still have no idea what she was doing in my room." Her name was Alice, and she was A'gah's one and only employee. The bridge of her nose was covered in dimples and she had a rather long and lanky figure, which fitted her perfectly as a basketball player for her girls team at her highschool. She wore her denims and a black shirt as she tied her apron.
"Ahhhhhhhhh, siblings, I remember my own 101'st younger brother, rather the family "trouble-maker" I think you would say."
Alice's eyes widened "101!?! I can't imagine the destruction two younger sisters would cause, I'm having a hard time with one!"
"My mother was a hardy woman on my planet, and very strong."
"She would have to be." Alice stated in a near blurt.
"Well, everything is ready for the rush."
And there it was, the ding as the doors of the cafe began greeting the arriving crowd.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Mocha Cafe! (ICC)   Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:16 pm

Beth sighed as she walked out of school. Another long day with noisy kids who had almost no interest in learning. She sighed again and walked to her house. A long walk, but a quiet one as well, so for the most part it was enjoyable, despite the burning heat. She could feel the top of her head getting hotter and hotter, and was slightly grateful that her noise cancelling headphone band was covering at least part of her scalp from being burned. Downside though would be a band of white scalp against red scalp. Beth powered walked the rest of the way home.

Thoroughly out of breath, Beth checked her scalp as soon as she walked into her house. She made straight for the bathroom and decided that her scalp was "A little pink, but otherwise looks fine."
She closed the bathroom door and fumbled with her bag, fishing out her card. She stood for a moment, letting her heart rate settle before she opened the door. She estimated she could be at the cafe for maybe two hours and still have time to make dinner for her parents. Since they worked long hours they would not be back for a while. She pulled out her phone, pushing aside many spoons to get to her wallet/phone holder and set an alarm. She then opened the door and walked into the cafe. She immediately made a beeline for the counter. Some clanking could be heard from inside her bag as she moved, the spoons in her bag jostling about in what little space there was. She reached the counter and said "Hi Alice, could I get a frappuccino? It's like a billion degrees back home and I need something to cool down... she carefully wiped her face down as she waited. (do people sit down while they wait for coffee? I've never really ordered a coffee or drink at a cafe, so do you go away or do they get it to you right there at the counter?)

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Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Super Mocha Cafe! (ICC)   Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:02 am

Konnor woke up to a bright sunny day, There was no school today, so there was nothing to stop him from going straight to the cafe.

He had long since during his time as Reptile been receiving money as thank you's, it wasn't alot, but it was enough to keep his mother off his back about a job search, unfortunately it made his mother suspicious of him, and where exactly the money came from, of course, he simply said he was volunteering odd jobs for the community.

His mom however, wasn't biting, and would repeatedly search his room, he narrowly escaped her deducing his identity as Reptile when she found the costume , and he had to claim he made it for a comic convention.

Now though, he put a panel in the floor that was hollow in the closet, in which he would put his costume, in order to find it one need only use their wall crawling ability to pull the panel up and retrieve the suit, it was fairly unnoticeable in the carpet floor however, heck even Konnor himself sometimes had to search for it when he first put it in.

" Hey mom, I'm heading out okay ? "

and she replied to her son "Already? This is the fourth time this week you skipped out on breakfast. . . I'm beginning to think you stopped liking my cooking"

Konnor would laugh it off and swear he was just in a rush these days, people to help, and that was in fact, only a half lie.Reptiles didn't need to eat as much as people. which slightly messed with his appetite, not  really a power so much as a side effect, and he wasnt out there to be the first to help, but the first to be seen helping, but today was different.

He would open his closet door, holding the card, step through his closet, and into the coffee shop, that was by  no means humble, on a typical day for reptile he'd be in the crowd, the center of attention for all to see, either showing off his powers, which to him, made him above average around most of these guys.

Seeing the girl sitting at the front table talking to alice, he decided to make his own prescence known to both of them, and EVERYONE within a viewing distance.

With relative ease Reptile leapt overhead,performing a double front flip into his seat with the skill and grace of a proffesional olympist, he had actually wanted to land on the seat standing up in a crouched position like Arachnid Man always did in the comics he read back home, but he had been warned about that before. You'd figure that comics would go out of style once you had real heroes right? you could see their adventures by just stepping outside, nope, in fact so many people wanted to be like them that, at least in his old hometown, sales had tripled. Though he wasnt sure if anyone made a comic about him, he'd have to go google it at some point.

As he came back into focus he remembered to order something, "Oh, uh, yeah, Ill take a french vannilla cappucinno, heavy on the sugar". Reptile loved him some sweet anything, no matter what it was, if it could be sweeter, he'd make it that way, he'd have poured sugar on sugar, if it would have made it sweeter.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Mocha Cafe! (ICC)   

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Super Mocha Cafe! (ICC)

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