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 Cosmophant's Spiritual Bestiary (fanwork)

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PostSubject: Cosmophant's Spiritual Bestiary (fanwork)   Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:48 pm

I've started making up so many new spirits (and pulling old ideas from folklore) that I decided I should probably make a separate thread for all of them.

Cosmophant's Spiritual Bestiary

  • Brownie:
    One of many spirits traditionally classified as Fae by folklore. These spirits take the shape of small, hairy humanoids with a particular skill in poltergeistry. They delight in cleaning and tidying human homes in exchange for cream or porridge. A presentation of any gift other than these, particularly clothing, is a direct insult to the Brownie and will begrudge the spirit, transforming it into a bogart.

    A bogart shares a brownie's skill in poltergeistry but seeks to undo any work a Brownie may have done. They will intentionally break or sabotage household items, steal clothing, and tie knots in the hair of their victims.

  • Cockatrice:
    A simultaneously avian and reptilian spirit known to have both the traits of a rooster and a serpent. In fact it more closely resembles the bearded vulture. It is considerably aggressive despite its diet consisting entirely is stone which it shatters into smaller more palatable sizes by dropping from great heights. This is due to the fact that any creature that meets the Cockatrices gaze is rapidly and literally petrified. Hearing the crowing of a rooster has been known to incite self-destructive seizures in the spirit. The Spectral Energy of the Cockatrice is generally a bright, yellowish green.

  • Gargouille:
    A spirit simultaneously ape-like and reptilian. It's body is covered in a scaly, stone-like hide that makes it particularly formidable even without the large muscular bat wings sprouting from its back. This spirit is know for two distinct traits. First being it's hideousness, which is said to be enough to scare away other unpleasant spirits as well as small children. The second of the Garguoille's claims to fame is its ability to spit a seemingly endless geyser of boiling water from its throat. It's Spec. Energy is a grayish blue.

  • Gellbender:
    A spirit resembling some kind of salamander, but reaching the size of a full growth alligator. Its skin is actually a deep red, but it's skin is constantly coated in a layer of mucousy blue ectoplasm, making it appear a royal purple instead. This spirit enjoys "tunneling" through rock, concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials which are often used in construction. This would be less an issue if the ectoplasm coating its body did not slowly corrode at the material through which the spirit passes. When agitated the spirit produces even more gratuitous amounts of ectoplasm, which makes its capture very tricky.
    This spirits spectral energy is the same purple as its slime covered body.

  • Goblin:
    A kind of spirit well known from folklore and particularly known for being anything ranging from devilishly mischievous to outright dangerously malicious. They are generally described as having porcine or bat-like features with small humanoid bodies and sparse hair. They all share a preference for subterranean tunnels or caverns and a general abhorrence for sunlight. They're known to form large tribal communities with "kings," though their organizational capacity is as questionable as their intelligence.

    A Hobgoblin is a similar spirit notable for its increased size, strength, and intelligence.

  • Malkin:
    A feline shapeshifter spirit who may change size at will ranging from the size of an average domestic cat to that of a draft horse. Predatory by nature, the Malkin is a solitary stalk hunter and has been known to even possess living cats. The Malkin is exceptional for both its intelligence and the astounding ability to literally vanish into shadows. Its grudge form is known as a Grimalkin and is particularly cunning and vicious for a grudge. The leader of their kind bears as both title and name "Cait Sith." The current Cait Sith is centuries old. Spectral energies vary in color.

  • Myconidarian:
    A strange mix between a jellyfish and a fungus, the Myconidarian is a spirit that thrives off of disorder and decay. Most commonly found in areas left abandoned and unattended for many years, the Myconidarian settles its rootlike tentacles into the walls of forlorn buildings and feeds off of the decay. Weaker individuals will merely feed, while stronger, older specimens will actually accelerate the entropy of their chosen nesting grounds. These spirits can often be found in nests of up to the thousands with a central brood mother which consistently reproduces from a brightly colored fruiting body resembling a slime mold which dangles from the center of her jellyfish-like body.

    The tentacles of a Myconidarian are thin and branched and have been known to "sting" both spirits and living things alike by disrupting the cohesion of spiritual energy and scattering it. This leaves the stung exhausted and often at least immobile if not catatonic, though the efficacy of this ability ranges depending on the strength of the Myconidarian. The weakened victim is then unable to keep the Myconidarian from feeding on the scattered energy.

  • The Stag Lord:
    An extremely old nature spirit, he is thought to be the only being completely immune to the Myconidarian, and is considered the Myconidarian's primary predator. As suggested by his name, this spirit resembles an enormous stag. His head is adorned with antlers that seem covered in bark, and his fur is long, shaggy, and full of moss, lending him much green to his gray coat. His face has been described as resembling a stag's, a sloth's, a bear's, or a pig's, but all accounts agree that his tongue is very nearly identical to a black slug.
    Standing well over 30 feet tall, he has been known to bite small Myconidarians out of the air and lay his tongue out on a rooted Mother Myconidarian, who is largely immobile and helpless without the use of her tendrils. The Stag Lord's tongue then acts much like a regular slug, and gradually consumes the entire body of the Mother Myconidarian, stretching to grotesque lengths and reducing her down to as far as a third her size before the brood mother assumes her weakened form.

    It is thought that the Stag Lord may be linked to the lush growth overtaking long abandoned areas as small mosses and young plants seem encouraged to grow in his presence. A few reports state that there may be similar younger spirits that may be his offspring but this has yet to be confirmed. The Stag Lord has a deep forest green Spectral energy.

  • Tengu:
    Long-nosed mountain spirit common in Japan. Often described as resembling an avian humanoid in traditional monk's garb, this spirit has a fair mastery of wind and a profound reverence for nature. To disrespect nature on the mountain of a Tengu's demesne is to invite its wrath. Spectral energy is often colored red.

  • Wendigo:
    Spirit of hunger coalesced in areas where multiple humans died of starvation. Most commonly found in mountainous areas. Consistent evidence of poltergeist capabilities. Cannibalistic, man-eating, and perpetually ravenous. Very aggressive, very dangerous. Folklore evidence of fast, silent movement. Possible relation to cold. Extremely dangerous. Do not engage. Escape takes highest priority. Spectral energies largely unconfirmed, assumed to vary.

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Cosmophant's Spiritual Bestiary (fanwork)

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