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Sun Tzu
New Kid

Posts : 6
Join date : 2015-07-23

PostSubject: Paramodium   Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:33 pm

Everyone says it would be "really cool to see x person become a spectral," or "I really hope y person becomes a spectral," or something like that and that got me thinking. As spirits use spectrals and tools to heal when slain it is possible that while some view it as imprisonment or indentured servitude there are those who think of spectrals as resources to be exploited. Then this thought train rolled into the "what even is the plot of paranatural," thought train. Spender is always talking about the mysteries of Mayview but so far after several years of comics all we know about these mysteries are that they exist(but with ghost stuff it is hard to say if they even exist). So it does raise the question of what are all these shenanigans building to.

With these thought trains now fused into an almighty theory train I came to wonder if maybe a fallen faction of spirits could possibly launch some kind of mass possession in Mayview Middleschool to restore their ranks by means of creating a multitude of spectrals to doctor themselves back to life.

Leading this charge the great Scrapdragon. In his conversation with Doorman(at least I think it was Scrappy talking), I got the impression that Scrappers faction had been scrapped; himself included. Now taking advantage of the all the paranatural brouhaha brewing in Mayview(I mean a dome had to be put on the place to keep its crazy from spreading, I think, another theory for another time) its possible all the kids at Mayview have abnormally high exposure to ghost biznasty(thanks activity club). While they may not all be highly quality spectrals, considering their rarity that many people with that much potential in so little space could be seen as a gold mine for a fallen fraction in need of some spectral healing goodness.

But could you imagine how exciting a story it would be if just all of the sudden everyone and their uncle started firing off spectral shots. Everyone from Cody to Violet are now discovering various ghost powers and as Spender said newbie spectrals can be destructive. The Mayhem(get it because Mayview) of the activity club trying to keep things under control would be outrageous and potentially hilarious.

It'd also be fun to see what kind of spirits would go to the various kids. Maybe Colin could get some picture spirit for his camera? A hitball spirit for Cody?

Thoughts? Thought trains?
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Seeing Shades

Posts : 171
Join date : 2015-07-23

PostSubject: Re: Paramodium   Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:09 am

That's some seriously interesting speculation.
I think the problem with that though is the power imbalance between a spectral and the spirit possessing them or a tool. With Max being the exception, it mostly appears that recovering spirits are incapable of doing anything themselves and need their spectrals' willing cooperation if they want to reach certain goals. Even with Max (and I don't think it was Scrapdragon) his will was overridden for just a really short time and we don't know if even a really powerfull spirit would be able to take over for a long enough time to actually get anything done. Isaac's spirit seems like a sort of godlike one and he gets frustrated at Isaac, so probably can't force him to do stuff.

Also the more powerfull the spirit, the longer it takes for them to recover. And possessing nonspectrals takes even longer because they need time to turn spectral and start developping spectral energy. The time between initial possession and the human becoming spectral may also depend on how strong the spirit is, though that's just unsubstantiated speculation atm. The spirits trying to use people to recover would be stuck for a long time, unable to do anything (I think that's the unethical way mentioned here that takes too long). And when the possessed person finally becomes a spectral, if the spirit is openly evil, there are probably ways to contain and/or destroy them. Since during communication with ones spirit, it's already mentioned that the spirit can kill the spectral, I assume the reverse is also possible. Though I suppose it'd be pretty hard to accomplish. Unless they just get Boss Leader to snuff them all while the spectrals are asleep...

The time aspect, their agency being limited and the possibility for the consortium to destroy the weakened spirits are all points that I think would make this a very bad plan... Doesn't mean that it isn't still a possibility though >_>

Oh and I suppose I missed this earlier, but you mention a fallen faction of spirits (that I assume you mean are already in a weakened state). After being mortally wounded, spirits don't seem to have much time to just hang around and choose who/what to possess. So I doubt there's a bunch of spirit ghost just hiding somewhere untill they can possess people... Unless they possess tools and have their non weakened buddies get the tools to the school... Or they've already possessed people and they're just waiting for them to become spectrals :0

Storywise though, while it would be fun to see everyone go spectral, I think the resulting chaos would make it exceptionally difficult to keep a coherent storyline going. I don't think at the pace things are going and the set amount of chapters that are going to be made, this is very likely to happen. But again, could probably be done...
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New Kid

Posts : 76
Join date : 2013-10-08

PostSubject: Re: Paramodium   Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:50 am

I have long believed that there is going to be some controversy around the way people like the Activity Club deal with rogue spirits. We love to think how cool it would be to wield the power of teh spirits, but think about it... They're fighting them, trapping them in tools and keeping said tools until they can give those tools to someone capable of wielding their power.* Just the simple fact that they're called "tools" is already a little bit disturbing. Maybe something crazy will happen with all the trapped spirits they ALREADY have?

EDIT: Oh god, what IS the unethical way they were talking about? How would they get energy to a random object on the border? Kidnapping people? KIDNAPPING GHOSTS? D:

*we still don't know who/what that new umbrella contains :I
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Seeing Shades

Posts : 171
Join date : 2015-07-23

PostSubject: s I   Sun Oct 18, 2015 1:15 pm

As far as I can tell from the comic, they're only fighting spirits who are a danger to humans and maybe even to other spirits. I also think they don't really force spirits into tools, they just try to destroy the spirits and the spirits themselves try to survive by going into tools/mediums. Although here we do see spirits forced into objects and it's not even to use the spirit's power. From this and Eightfolds willingness to stay in a tool, it seems likely that tools also happen from spirits fighting eachother, and some weaker spirits could actually benifit from having a spectral partner. I've speculated about this before in this thread...

While there could be some controversy about how spectrals treat the spirits they partner with, the whole spirits going into tools/mediums is too important for the spirits themselves as a healing mechanism to ever really be questioned I think... And I think even the Consortium would frown upon people who attack spirits just to be able to use their powers. Though I suppose this is a fairly optimistic assumption...

As for the unethical way mentioned by Nin, I always felt like it just meant relying on humans to recover... A spirit as powerfull as Forge would take a long time to recover just from being in a tool/medium and getting scraps of spectral energy from their spectral. As I speculated in the thread I mentioned above, some spirits seem to view getting stuck in a tool/medium as a form of imprisonment or even enslavement. Which would be pretty unethical.
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PostSubject: Re: Paramodium   

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